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Huffy 26" Men's Alpine Mountain Bike, Navy Blue

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>>> Huffy 26 Men Alpine Mountain <<<

Huffy 26  Men Alpine Mountain

Feature :

  • Sporting a gloss midnight blue color, this Huffy Alpine mountain bike (#26327) has a durable hardtail frame, accented by using sleek red graphics
  • Easy-to-use twist shifting comes by using 18 speeds and the rear indexed derailleur for consistent, very easy gear changes.
  • Front and rear stee linear pull brakes give sure stopping action.
  • The 26" knobby tires give a robust footprint, an remarkable tread for dirt and paved surfaces.
  • The 3-piece Kolo stee advance on is fantastic and reliable, while brightness alloy rims are weather-resistant for enhanced performance.

Details :

This 26" alpine bike is gloss midnight blue because of Huffy branded krayton grips.

It has a preciseness crafted stainlesss stee hard tail frame and a kolo 1200 suspension for mountain-sized fun.

The brakes are stainlesss stee linear pull and there is 18-speed twist shifting.

The tires ae 26" x 1.95" knobby because of climate tolerant sleek and classy alloy rims for sophisticated performance.


It Has A accuracy Crafted stee Hard Tail Frame And A Kolo 1200

Suspension For Mountain-sized Fun.

The Brakes Are stee Linear Pull

And There Is 18-speed Twist Shifting.

The Tires Ae 26" X 1.95" Knobby using environment resilient sleek and classy Alloy Rims For advanced Performance.