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sixthreezero balanced The Block Women's Single-Speed Cruiser Bicycle, Mint Green w/ Black Seat/Grips

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>>> sixthreezero Block Women solo <<<

sixthreezero Block Women Single

Feature :

  • Classic, curvy women's beach cruiser bicycle by mean of 17-inch durable metal frame; wonderful for casual, cozy riding by means of the neighborhood
  • Upright riding pattern helps to to always keep your back and shoulders comfortable; dual-spring saddle and vast cruiser handlebar by mean of orthopedic grips
  • Single-speed bike fantastic for cruising on flat terrain; pedal-backwards coaster brakes for uncomplicated and uncomplicated stopping
  • 26-inch, 2.125-inch vast metal wheels by mean of fine sized waffle tread tires furnish a padded ride for uncomplicated and uncomplicated rolling
  • Blacked-out components for added style; features rear roof-rack for non-obligatory baskets and panniers

Details :

Cruise having fashion on the supremely relaxed al The Block women's bike, having an upright riding model and sweeping cruiser handlebars to always keep your back and shoulders relaxed.

The relaxation and ease of the sixthreezero al The Block produce it terrific for recreational jaunts of 20 miles or less – whether to the beach, downwards the bike path, or al the neighborhood.

The al the Block amps up its eye-catchingly curvy 17-inch metal cruiser frame having relaxation details similar to high-density space-age froth golf grip on the vast handlebars, a dual-spring chair that ensures tailbone relaxation on lengthy rides, and 26-inch, 2.125-inch vast brightness weight lighting weight aluminum wheels having huge waffle tread tires that help steady out the bumps.

The al The Block is out there in four gearing options:

  • 21-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur and EZ Fire Plus shifter help you tackle stressful street, trail, lengthy distance, and uphill riding.

    Front and rear handbrakes produce stopping painless and precise.
  • 7-speed Shimano external hub wil for a vast span of riding – from leisure to lengthy distance commutes.

    incorporates front and rear handbrakes.
  • 3-speed Shimano rrnner hub having easy-to-use Nexus shifter enables you to handle longer distances and moderate hills.

    incorporates front and rear handbrakes.
  • Single-speed model features ultimate simplicity, and is best for flat terrain.

    The coaster braking system is speedy – just ride backwards to glide to a stop.

This bike comes having a cycle guard to protect pant cuffs from getting caught, plus a rear piece for use having discretionary panniers, baskets, and numerous accessories.

The al The Block is sized for riders from 5 feet to 6 feet, 4 inches tall.

It comes 85% assembled.

Designed having comfort, ease, and eye-catching style, sixthreezero bikes offer affordable fine high quality for a vast span of riders.

by means of coziness Details like High-density froth grip On The extensive Handlebars, A Dual-spring seating That Ensures Tailbone coziness On extensive Rides, And 26-inch, 2.125-inch extensive lighting weight aluminum Wheels by means of huge Waffle Tread Tires That Help easy Out The Bumps.

The by means of The Block Is attainable In Four Gearing Options:

  • 21-speed Shimano Tourney Derailleur And EZ Fire Plus Shifter Help You Tackle stressful Street, Trail, extensive Distance, And Uphill

Front And Rear Handbrakes generate Stopping uncomplicated And Precise.
  • 7-speed Shimano External Hub allows for For A extensive span Of Riding – From Leisure To extensive Distance Commutes.

    features Front And Rear Handbrakes.
  • 3-speed Shimano central Hub by means of Easy-to-use Nexus Shifter Enables You To Handle Longer Distances And Moderate Hills.

    features Front And Rear Handbrakes.
  • Single-speed Model supplies Ultimate Simplicity,
  • And Is fantastic For Flat Terrain.

    The Coaster Braking System Is effortless – Just ride Backwards To Glide To A Stop.

    This Bike Comes by means of A string Guard To Protect Pant Cuffs From Getting Caught, Plus A Rear carrier For Use by means of elective Panniers, Baskets, And distinct Accessories.

    The by means of The Block Is Sized For Riders From 5 Feet To 6 Feet, 4 Inches Tall.

    It Comes 85% Assembled.

    Designed by means of Comfort, Ease, And Eye-catching Style, Sixthreezero Bikes Offer Affordable high quality For A Vast span Of Riders.